µTalk X

October 16th, 2010

update 3-10-2010: It seems there is an subsection in the TED’s talk and event that allows for independantly organised TED like event. Well, uTalk certainly is one.I still’ll have to contact Christian of TED, but I thinks it is a good idea to associate uTalk with a TEDx http://www.ted.com/pages/view?id=343.


µTalk X will take place at the Vestingbar and Vestingbarcinema at the Enschede University Campus, from 13:00 to ~1:00. This page will be updated to show the latest information about the schedule and other relevant information. If you want to speak at µTalk X, we would love to have you; just sign up, tell us a little bit about yourself, the topic you want to present and the amount of time you think you will need.

Entrance Fee

This edition there will be a social experiment with the entrance fee; the Free Choise Entrance Fee Ticket You can choose the Standard option of a constant amount of Euros, of you can choose the uChoose Ticket.

the Fee for the uChoose Ticket is completely free for you to value.

If e.g. you are a poor student, but nevertheless interested to attend, you are free to pay 0,00 euro and get your (real one, thick paper) ticket for free. However, if you are for example interested in the uTalk event and its concept and have more resources to expend you could pay e.g. 10 euro, and receive the exact same uChoose ticket. Conventional Selfish Based Economics says the systen cannot work. We are going to test the proposition that; yes it can work, the average will be around the level as a well choses Standard Entrance Fee, and have the advantage that people feel better about the Entrance fee. That is the theory.

Let’s test this the 16th of october !

Sign up by entering your name below. After you press sign-up you will be presented with a template you need to fill in containing information both about yourself and the topic you want to present.

Don’t forget to include your e-mail address so we can contact you to let you know about when you will be placed in the schedule or for any organizational questions that we may have.

Current list of sign-ups

Note this is not the final schedule, but merely a list of people who have signed up. Depending on how many signups we get possibly not all of these people will make it into the schedule, we will however try to accommodate everyone as best as we can. All people who signed up will be notified through email about the final schedule.

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