What is µTalk?


The µTalks are designed as an informal way to grow and culture ideas. A lot of us are walking around with ideas that rarely reach fruition. The µTalks are a tool that let us communicate those ideas, and let them gain momentum, and at the same time add other people’s expertise to the idea-pool. The idea is that while someone may have a great idea for a project, he or she may lack the expertise and tools needed to create the project. Someone else however may have that expertise, or know of a way of constructing the needed tools.

These kind of talks used to exist naturally. However our changed social and work climates have lead to less and less opportunities for this. Whenever we do have an opportunity for these kinds of talks, which are mainly at parties, we are regularly interrupted and accused of acting overly nerdish. That is why we designed a new way to create those opportunities artificially.

The pros

  • Synergy applied to problem solving (or solution finding).
  • Focussed effort using: Need to prove yourself, Centralized knowledgebase, Ease of storing thoughts.


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