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The What, Why and How of µTalks


  • What is µTalk
  • Why µTalk
  • How µTalk
  • Who µTalk
  • When µTalk
  • Spin-offs µTalk?

What is µTalk (1)

  • A method to Rethink, Share and Shape ideas
  • An informal forum for Ideas Worth Sharing
  • A social meeting for controlled release of Nerdism without bothering others
  • Not a Competition: ∑i=0ii=∞ >> i0 + i1 + i2 + ... + i

What is µTalk (2)

i=0ii=∞ >> i0 + i1 + i2 + ... + i

Why a µTalk (1)

  • Normal social gatherings are not suitable to discuss the stuff that keeps you awake
  • Normal social gatherings do not provide the audience that will get the message, so you’re stopped trying
  • Spontaneous meetings are no longer frequent enough to share ideas face-to-ace
  • Discussion about a particular topic brings it to a higher level!

Why a µTalk (2)

  • Ideas create new ideas
  • Nothing is too ambitious with the right set of tools; Create the right tools when they are needed
  • This meeting is a tool too

Why a µTalk (3)

  • Keep in mind that you’re on the shown part of the Gaussian!
  • You are not crazy
  • Quenching of good ideas is a waste!

How a µTalk

  • Irregular meetings, on speaker request?
  • No formal note taking, perhaps webcam?
  • Wiki online format?
  • All efforts should be distributed and low-threshold

Who µTalk

  • Anybody!
  • Everybody :)
  • YOU !!!

When µTalk

  • Whenever :)
  • Every 1~2 months to retain momentum
  • On request of speaker
  • At this moment ;)


Requirements for success:

  • Computer science
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Economics
  • Arts
  • Management techniques


Thanks for your attention

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