The Raw Shark Texts

by: Steven Hall

Eric Sanderson is jolted awake one morning to discover that he does not know who he is or where he is. All that he has to cling to is a series of letters and packages—which he is warned not to open—signed “with regret and hope” from the First Eric Sanderson. Attacked in his own home by a force he cannot see and memories he cannot ignore—including those of a perfect love now lost—Eric tears open the parcels and discovers he is being relentlessly pursued by a shark that may exist only in his mind that stalks him through the flows and streams of language and human interaction. Hunting the answers as he is hunted, Eric is led on a journey that will either bring the First Eric Sanderson back to life or destroy both Eric Sandersons forever.

The premise is quite an interesting one. The basis for the shark that hunts him is that evolution is a process that given a right medium (molecules, bits/bytes, words/language, concepts) will find a way to bring forth life and evolve. In this case the concepts ideas words an connections between people form a sort of sea in which the conceptual shark has evolved into a ferocious killer.

I can’t really say much more without giving away a lot about the plot. So I suggest you read it for yourself. If you want you can borrow the book from me.

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